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Toledo Coffee Tour

We are located: at gps coordinates N09°59.817' W084°25.773'
Contact info: or phone: 8711-1221

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Thank you for helping  us spreading the word that there is a way of living in harmony with nature!
We can say that our coffee tour is a way of showing people we can work in truth harmony with nature! Our coffee plantation looks like a forest! it´s considered a forest for our visitors and for people who researchs the enviromental aspects of it!
We are a very small farm, the operation is manage by the family, Gerardo, Sole y Raul and Gabriel and Ivette, We have nothing but the coffee we produce, so do not expect big buildings at all! Our coffee tour is educational. We want you to know how to understand nature better!
2 hours Tour, walking through the plantation and learning about nature! Coffee tasting! 
All of this for Only $15 Per Person! Children free!
Why are we cheaper than others?
We believe in education, that's the key to our future! and we are small, and we do the tour ourselfs, so cheaper but not less informative! 

This is our calendar, so if there is an activity we are not available at least that it says open to the public!!!

For fridays and saturdays we'll be at the markets, so if you want a tour these days you must book it with 3 days ahead of time!

Organic coffee production is the main Idea to share when we give our tour!
 but this does not mean it is not for everyone!
Even children enjoy coming here!
Coffee tour

This is a coffee tour that has a lot more than just a coffee tour!

have you ever grind sugar cane?

sugar cane tour

Spend the time you want! the tour last aproximatly 2 hours! but time here is up to you, spend the time you want with us! and learn even more!

work with us! help even just for one day!
Volunteer working at coffee farm
We are doing this way of farming not because this is more profitable, it's because it's the right thing to do! but it's really more difficult!

Voluntiring a coffee farm

Picking coffee, that's just 3 months in year!
but it does not mean we are free the rest of the year!

coffee is store and then we need to be processing it during the year, and the farm needs to be prepered for next year!

the reason we are not available Fridays or Saturdays is that we are offering our product to the locals farmer's markets!

One of this Fridays a friend took this picture and shared it with us!

Want to know friend's experience at the farm, go to Going like sixty!
We are also doing Mountain Biking Tours, they are not only for people who have lots of experience, but for everybody, you'll get to bike to wonderfull places with great great views to the central valley and pacific coast or to very nice and hidden waterfalls! go to El Toledo Coffee Tour & AdventuresWhat else is there to do in Atenas? Want to know more about Atenas? go to What to do in Atenas!
 Find what Atenas is offering!
We are located: at gps coordinates N09°59.817' W084°25.773'

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