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El Toledo Coffee Tour & Adventures!

*El Toledo Coffee Tour & Adventures
This is an evolution from the experience that we have in Atenas, We've seen a potential opportunity to be able to do what we love to do! Offering you a bunch of Ideas of what you can do around Atenas and Grecia in an affordable price!
Why Atenas & Grecia?, well, We are a link that joins two families, one of them in Atenas (Gabriel's family) and one in Grecia (Ivettes's family) and we've seen this opportunity to do more to our family and neighbors! offering new hand labor to locals and new ways of enjoy our country to visitors!
*El Toledo Mountain Biking Are you interested in biking through places only costaricans know! we are opening a bicycling tours operations where we want to enjoy as we offer you a whole different Idea of biking!
it's recreational! it's unique! it's to everybody, I mean, not big experience require! it's around the mountains of atenas and the slopes of the poas volc…

Prices & Booking!

*El Toledo Mountain Biking
We are going to start with brand new bicycles, and very well equipment to provide you a safety biking!

El Toledo prices and timing! El Toledo Organic coffee Tour: 2 h, $15 El Toledo Mountain Biking tours: Pick up from Grecia and transportation to where we ride! The tree categories include: T-shirts, Fruits and snacks  breaks, and  Hydrants! 1.Beginners: 2h $40
2.Intermediate:3h, $45
3.Advance: 5h $50
4. Only for intermediate and advance levels, we have a trip to Poas Volcano, visit the creater, and come down hill through off road trails, in the mountain of the slopes of the volcano, see the waterfalls, and springs on the way down! all of this for $80 with a minimun of 2 people if are in Grecia area, if not, there is a minimun of 3 people for other central valley areas! check it with us to see if the pick up can be done!
Want to know more! send us an Email to ask if we are ready for what you want to experience!
Only previously booked! 


Toledo Coffee Tour

El Toledo Coffee Tour rated "excellent" by travelers

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El Toledo Coffee Tour
(with reservation only)

We are a very small farm, the operation is manage by the family, Gerardo, Sole y Raul and Gabriel and Ivette, We have nothing but the coffee we produce, so do not expect big buildings at all! Our coffee tour is educational. We want to show you how we work with nature instead of against it! 2 hours Tour, walking through the plantation and learning about coffee and nature! Coffee tasting, Wine Tasting, roasting and brewing!  All of this for Only $20 Per Person!  Children under 10 years old don't pay! Why are we cheaper than others? We believe in education, that's the key to our future! and we are small, and we do the tour ourselves, so cheaper but not less informative!

Watch this video to know more about us, it was taken for free by a student who came here few years ago:

Or, watch this other video taken by Peter Greenberg. He came to the farm, shot a video o…